RANDALL is the leading self-performing subcontractor, serving Florida and the Southeast since 1986.

RANDALL’s services and products are delivered through our 100,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility, set on 20 acres in Central Florida. We have heavily invested in next-generation technology and the right people to optimize our company’s efficient capabilities and professional expertise. As a family-owned construction company, RANDALL is perfectly positioned to continue as a pillar in the construction industry for generations to come.

The RANDALL Experience

RANDALL does construction like never before. With innovative equipment, elaborate  strategies and careful coordination, our clients see results far beyond what they’d expect of any construction company. In any case, RANDALL is not just a construction company. RANDALL is a multidimensional powerhouse, consisting of various departments specializing in many different trades and industries. The many departments of RANDALL are made up of skilled professionals that are passionate about what they do, and work diligently to ensure the satisfaction of the client as well as the success of the project. 

The Randall Experience

How We Work

“RANDALL’s culture has always been focused on being very progressive and forward-thinking.” These words from Matt Reinders, Vice President of RANDALL resonate perfectly with how we work. RANDALL is a revolutionary company, one that does not hesitate to wander outside the boundaries of normalcy and is always on the hunt for a chance to innovate. Indeed, progressive and forward-thinking is the way RANDALL works. 

Pre-Construction the Right Way

RANDALL’s focus during pre-construction is to build the most optimal path for the project. Making technical and strategic preparations to ensure the success and quality of the work being performed is a priority in the pre-construction phase. RANDALL uses the newest estimating tools and technologies along with BIM services to accurately portray cost and time aspects of the project before construction. 

Benefits of Virtual Design Construction (VDC)

RANDALL is proficient in VDC concepts, protocols and implementation. Using this technology is essential for us to analyze physical building fluctuations and structural specifications in order to properly make fundamental changes as the project progresses. This system benefits not only our team, but the clients we work with as well. Through the implementation of VDC, our clients benefit in the following ways:

  • Predictive Logistics
  • Time Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Accurate Visualizations
  • Preemptive Problem-Solving

Our History


The Story Begins

In 1986, Jeff Condello developed a full-service plumbing operation in Orlando, FL: RANDALL Mechanical Inc. (RMI). Of course, not all great stories have perfect beginnings, as Condello shared that the business was started out of his bedroom. Later on, RANDALL began establishing the connections necessary for a small business’s success. With focus, hard work and passion, Jeff and Debra were able to make RANDALL grow exponentially in the few years that followed. 


A Unique Approach

Fostering a pool of talented professionals and investing in the future is critical to RANDALL’s success. This company welcomes complex and challenging projects to push our boundaries of comfort. We partner with construction managers and owners who value a well-managed, professional subcontractor like RANDALL for their needs.


Adapting to Change

When the recession took a toll on contractors throughout Florida, RANDALL’s business persevered. The company made some adjustments in various aspects to ensure success and advancement in the fluctuating marketplace. “In an effort to strengthen the company’s overall core offerings, we purchased an established sheet metal company in 2010…it positioned us as one of the state’s leading turnkey division 22 and 23 contractors,” explained Jeff. 


Culture of Innovation

RANDALL is far from being done with growing and developing industry-revolutionizing products and technologies to change the way this industry operates. One of RANDALL’s priorities is finding a new, more efficient way to do absolutely everything. This company strives to do things like they’ve never been done. A company committed to change for the better and endless innovation. We look for constant improvement of quality and service, always. That is RANDALL’s culture. A Culture of Innovation. 

Executive Leadership Team

Jeff Condello

Owner | CEO

Matt Reinders

Vice President | Apopka

Ana Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer

Ronnie Perez

Purchasing Director

Tania Rodriguez

Human Resources Director
Glenda Abrams

Glenda Abrams

Health and Wellness Manager

Leading with Innovation

RANDALL is structured to exceed expectations. We strive to become the preferred partner for every project. Whether it’s engineering, plumbing or fire protection, we do our best to ensure quality products and optimal results. We have a proud history of excellence, not only on the job site but through investments in our local community. We are more than a construction company–



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