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    RANDALL Fire Protection specializes in fire protection systems for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. From Ocala to Palm Bay and beyond, RANDALL offers quality fire protection inspections for the greater Central Florida Area.

    In the United States, every 24 seconds a fire department responds to a fire. With an effective fire-suppression system, you can greatly reduce the chance a fire negatively influences your business or property, ensuring that if there is a fire, it will be effectively suppressed.

    To stay up-to-date with industry and insurance codes, fire protection inspections are necessary. With RANDALL Fire Protection, we can inspect your fire protection system to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

    Fire protection systems are designed to offer the security you need to ensure that in case of emergencies, they operate accurately.

    With RANDALL Fire Protection; save lives, save property.

    Fire Protection Inspections

    With our skilled team, we can inspect fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire pumps in new projects, or old projects per NFPA guidelines. Unlike other providers, RANDALL can easily bundle all of your inspection needs under one business, meaning we can help you maintain and repair fire protection systems if needed. We offer plans that are stress-free for your convenience.

    As the leader in fire systems, we strive to deliver quality service to our commercial and residential customers. Based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 and 72 standards for inspections, RANDALL offers (and suggests) the following inspections for our customers:

    • Fire alarms: annual, semi-annual inspections
    • Fire door inspections: annual inspections
    • Backflows: annual inspections
    • Fire hydrants: annual inspections
    • Fire pumps: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual inspections (pump tested annually)
    • Fire sprinkler inspections: quarterly, annual, 3-5 year inspections

    With our detailed inspection service, you can rest assured knowing that a professional is on the job.

    Fire Alarm Inspection

    Fire alarm systems are designed to save lives. Fire alarms need to be inspected and tested on an annual and semi-annual basis to ensure that they function properly in an emergency situation.

    Fire Door Inspection

    A fire door is primarily used as a passive fire protection system designed to decrease the likelihood of a spread of smoke and fire to other areas of a structure and to allow easy access during an emergency. Fire doors will be inspected annually to ensure they meet their standards.

    Backflow Preventer Inspection

    A backflow preventer is designed to keep the water for a pressurized potable water or fire line from flowing into a municipal water source due to a loss in pressure protecting the public water supply from possible contamination. At RANDALL Fire Protection, we will inspect domestic irrigation, fire line, and other backflow prevention apparatuses.

    Fire Hydrant Inspection

    A fire hydrant is intended to supply water in the case of an emergency and therefore should be inspected by professionals to ensure that in case of emergency, it is prepared to meet the demand it was intended for. At RANDALL Fire Protection, we can inspect fire hydrants to ensure they are up to code and will operate properly in an emergency.

    Fire Pump Inspection

    Depending on whether the motor of the fire pump is electric or diesel, the frequency of inspection can vary. Whatever the case, fire pump inspection is necessary to ensure that the fire pump system is functioning adequately. Different features of a fire pump need to be inspected systematically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), to ensure that each component is up to par.

    Fire Sprinkler Inspection

    A fire sprinkler system is designed to efficiently work when high heat activates due to a fire. An inspection is essential to ensure that a fire sprinkler system functions properly in case of an emergency. Inspections are required to be performed quarterly and annually with internal inspections required at three and five-year intervals.

    About RANDALL Fire Protection

    RANDALL Fire Protection delivers on-time comprehensive fire protection inspections, services, and solutions to our customers. From fire alarm monitoring to fire sprinkler inspections, we can customize fire protection solutions to align with your specific needs.

    RANDALL Fire Protection uses some of the most advanced technology and planning processes to design and fabricate fire protection systems, including our full-time BIM department. We are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in fire protection systems repairs and maintenance. You can count on us to consistently deliver high-quality, professional fire solution services and products. That is our commitment to our customers.

    Contact our RANDALL Fire Protection team to learn more about our fire protection system. Our East Coast and West Coast teams can be reached at (407) 551-3350.