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    RANDALL Fire Protection specializes in fire protection services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We deliver and install quality fire suppression products for the greater Central Florida Area.

    On average, a structure fire occurs every 63 seconds in the United States. However, with an effective fire suppression system, you can reduce the concern of a fire negatively affecting your commercial business or residential property. With RANDALL, we deliver comprehensive stress-free fire suppression solutions, designing and installing state-of-the-art fire protection systems. We use the latest design software to generate BIM drawings for easy manufacturing, so we can deliver the most up-to-code fire suppression systems on the market.

    With RANDALL Fire Protection; save lives, save property.

    Fire Protection Services

    We offer a diversity of fire protection products and services. With our experienced crew, we can design, fabricate, repair, maintain, and install fire protection systems in projects new and old per FM or NFPA standards. Unlike other fire system providers, RANDALL provides stress-free solutions to all your fire protection needs and is ready to respond to any emergencies that arise with 24/7, 365 emergency response teams.

    Our team of dedicated professionals service Central Florida from coast to coast and beyond, delivering our unique brand of services, products, and expertise. As a premier fire systems solution company, we strive to deliver excellent service to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers every time.

    With our fire protection system services, we offer repair or replacement of the following:

    • Fire alarm monitoring
    • Backflow Preventer
    • Fire hydrant
    • Fire pump
    • Fire sprinkler

    For our services, we deliver 24/7 deployment in emergency situations.

    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    With a wireless or wired fire monitoring panel connected to your fire alarm system, when the alarm is triggered, the monitoring panel will instantly send a signal to a central station ensuring the fire department will respond to your emergency. With our comprehensive service, we can help with the maintenance, repair, and inspection of your fire alarm system. RANDALL Fire Protection offers fire alarm repairs, testing/inspection, and monitoring. We offer 24/7 response for service calls, parts, and more; with monitoring, we offer central station monitoring.

    Backflow Preventer Repair

    Designed to keep the water of a pressurized system from flowing into a municipal water line due to a loss in pressure, a backflow preventer is an essential component of a water supply system. That’s why at RANDALL Fire Protection, we act quickly to repair any deficiencies to backflow preventers found during the inspection and testing process for potable water and fire line systems. We can repair and replace domestic irrigation, fire line, potable water, and other backflow prevention apparatuses to ensure that backflow does not contaminate the municipal water source.

    Fire Hydrant Maintenance

    A fire hydrant aids in the distribution of water during an emergency where a steady, consistent water source is needed to supply the emergency responders to combat the rise of a fire. With fire hydrant installation, a business owner can rest assured that a fire hydrant will be up-to-par during an emergency with our repair and maintenance services.

    Fire Pump Maintenance

    As an integral component of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply, a fire pump is part of a broader unit designed to provide water flow at a higher pressure and volume to the fire sprinkler system during an emergency. At RANDALL Fire Protection, we can help fabricate, repair, rebuild, replace, and repack your fire pump, as well as maintain adequate maintenance for existing pumps.

    Fire Sprinkler Repair

    A fire sprinkler is designed to work effectively in a situation when exposed to a fire. At RANDALL Fire Protection, we can repair deficiencies found during inspections or respond 24/7 to emergency service requests.

    About RANDALL Fire Protection

    RANDALL Fire Protection delivers comprehensive fire protection services, inspections, and solutions to our customers. From fire alarm monitoring to fire pump installation, we can tailor the right fire protection solutions to align with your particular requirements.

    RANDALL uses state-of-the-art technology, including our full-time Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, to help design custom fire protection systems, and aid in installation, repair, and maintenance.

    As a transparent company focused on safety and accountability, RANDALL Fire Protection is committed to meeting the highest standards in fire protection solutions. You can count on us to consistently deliver quality fire solution services and products. You can depend on us to consistently deliver high-quality services and products.

    Contact our RANDALL Fire Protection team to learn more about our fire protection system. Our East Coast and West Coast teams can be reached at (407) 551-3350.