About the Entertainment & Theme Sector

RANDALL has innovation in our DNA.

Our participation in any construction project ensures the highest quality of engineering, design and construction. We hire the right people with the right skills and the right mindset to provide the right solutions, every time. As a self-performing subcontractor with 14 diversified divisions, RANDALL does not shy away from any industry or sectors. We approach each unique design with the whole building in mind, driving Client satisfaction and award-winning projects.

Project Case Studies


Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center (Phase I)

  • Orlando, FL
  • 33 Months
  • $15 Million
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center is situated in the heart of downtown Orlando. To complete this magnificent project, Randall partnered with the General Contractors and Architect to fully understand the scope of this complex project. Using our in-house BIM department, Randall crafted detailed renderings with clash-detection to prevent costly mistakes and change orders. This state-of-the-art entertainment facility required a great deal of sound-sensitive technical skills to provide both noise cancelling, as well as sound augmentation solutions. Randall performed all HVAC and plumbing, installing a complex plumbing system that coordinated with all the sound elements. This included custom Randall-fabricated sheet metal pieces to complete.

This 33-month project required expert project management to successfully coordinate the large amount of trades required. Orlando has great benefitted from this cultural arts center that attracts top talent to our city. Randall is proud to be a preferred partner for both phases of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.


SeaWorld – Penguin Encounter

  • Orlando, FL
  • 15 Months
  • $8 Million
  • Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, LSS Work

SeaWorld is one of Orlando’s top-rated themed entertainment parks. Known for its highspeed rollercoasters and up-close animal encounters, SeaWorld Orlando is always raising the bar. By creating new, environmentally similar enclosures for the animals they care for, SeaWorld enhances both their quality of care and the excitement for visitors. Randall partnered with the General Contractor and SeaWorld on the addition of Antarctica’s Penguin Encounter. Randall was responsible for value engineering the build out, owning the submittal review and quality control.

This highly complex and sensitive project required 925 tons of cooling. Randall designed a 15-degree brine solution that was used as a cooling medium. Also developed was the penguin habitat designed to be kept at 30-degrees to mimic the animal’s natural environment. The extensive heat recovery used both desiccant wheel and membrane types. The active desiccant process was used to dry outside air, and liquid desiccant units combined with Cromer Cycle rooftop units were used to dehumidify the inhabited spaces. Randall’s HVAC and plumbing experience was critical to the success of this 15-month project. This exhibit is certainly a highlight of the SeaWorld experience.