About the Hospitality Sector

RANDALL has innovation in our DNA.

Our participation in any construction project ensures the highest quality of engineering, design and construction. We hire the right people with the right skills and the right mindset to provide the right solutions, every time. As a self-performing subcontractor with 14 diversified divisions, RANDALL does not shy away from any industry or sectors. We approach each unique design with the whole building in mind, driving Client satisfaction and award-winning projects.

Project Case Studies


Peabody Hotel and Convention Center

  • Orlando, FL
  • 24 Months
  • $9 Million
  • Plumbing

The Peabody Hotel and Convention Center stands tall among the hustle and bustle of Orlando’s International Drive. RANDALL partnered with the General Contractor to design, build a 32-story, 750-room new hotel addition. As part of this 24 months project, we converted the existing hotel tower cooling to municipal chilled water. RANDALL was primarily responsible for load calculations, sizing and the layout of plumbing systems. This involved the selection and scheduling of equipment, ensuring the build-out would be completed as scheduled. This large undertaking included laundry facilities that would service both towers and the crown jewel was the one-million square foot convention facility that required our plumbing expertise to bring the project in on time and on budget.