About the Hospitality Sector

Innovation in Our DNA.

The hospitality sector has been prevalent and continues to grow exponentially, especially in a tourism hotspot like Orlando, Florida. RANDALL has had the privilege of participating in a number of projects within the hospitality sector, performing different services within each project. RANDALL has played a part in the designing, constructing and plumbing of different hospitality projects around the Orlando area, and have even expanded into other states.

Project Case Studies


Peabody Hotel and Convention Center

  • Orlando, FL
  • 24 Months
  • $9 Million
  • Plumbing

Orlando’s famous International Drive is lined with gorgeous hotels and resorts, surrounded by some of the country’s most popular attractions. RANDALL had the joy of designing and constructing one of the aforementioned gorgeous hotels, The Peabody Hotel and Convention Center. This building stands 32 stories tall, consisting of 750 rooms. RANDALL was responsible for the load calculations along with the sizing and the layout of the plumbing systems. The Convention Center now covers over 1 million square feet and took approximately 24 months to finish.