About Industrial

Innovation is in our DNA.

RANDALL has worked on a variety of projects in the industrial sector using innovative technologies.

Project Case Studies


Coca-Cola Manufacturing Plant

  • Apopka, FL
  • 8 Months
  • $1.8 Million
  • Industrial Plumbing, Process Piping

Working with the general contractor, RANDALL teams installed the plumbing and process piping for the Coca-Cola research and development facility for Florida-grown orange juice testing and manufacturing.

RANDALL applied innovative technologies in order to meet the accelerated eight-month project timeframe. RANDALL installed double-containment piping and a welded stainless-steel plumbing system for the manufacturing plant’s sanitary system. Pex Piping was installed for all major plumbing runs and applications.


Spacecraft Integration Manufacturing

  • Cape Canaveral, FL
  • 17 months
  • $9 million
  • Mechanical

RANDALL worked on ISO 8 cleanrooms with airlocks, lockers and gowning room, shipping, receiving and storage areas, DITL annex which consisted of thermal chambers, a central plant, a blast-proof room, a TVAC chamber, and offices. The first level of the offices was built out with the second level to be a shell. RANDALL built a mechanical system and building envelope that followed ASHRAW 90.1. The goal of this project was to exceed compliance and earn points for LEED Silver certification.


Amazon Air Gateway

  • Lakeland, FL
  • 7 months
  • $15 million
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

One of Randall’s most iconic projects to date, it was not without its challenges. In the middle of the pandemic, RANDALL had to work in record time without sacrificing the safety of our crew. A ten-month project had to be completed in seven, due to RANDALL having to replace the original contractor that withdrew. For this project, RANDALL partnered with AECOM Hunt Construction to perform field inspections. Using BIM 360 to manage schedules, and superintendents meeting daily with quality control teams aided with streamlining a 24/7 working site. Innovation was a necessary step in this project and assured quality.

‘Over-manning’ the job, by making management top-heavy, decentralized field management. Randall subspecialized areas with field supervisors assigned for each, helping assure that no issue went unaddressed. Using scaffolds for large areas, aided RANDALL to work around the subcontractors already assigned to the project and speeding up the process.

These plans were ever-changing throughout, which impeded an already tight schedule. Two buildings were added for service and maintenance, adding $5 million in changes. The roof was completed before the final 59 RTUs were installed and demanded many lifts for all the trades to work at the same time. Fuel and rentals were a challenge in this project, due to the shortages caused by the shutdowns.

The team worked overtime and Saturdays; workforce teams were created and challenged to compete amongst themselves. Lunch was served to keep people on site. To boost morale, we organized giveaways such as new tools, gift cards, raffles, and giveaways.