About the Marine Sector

Innovation in Our DNA.

The marine sector is quite large, and requires cooperation from several different industries. As for RANDALL, we we’re able to provide stable products and structures for the docks used in transport. RANDALL uses only the most reliable materials in order to provide the safest, most efficient solutions possible to our clients.

Project Case Studies



Thanks to precast technology and environmental innovation, RANDALL Marine products stand out among others. Unlike other concrete dock manufacturers, RANDALL builds all products at a NPCA-certified manufacturing plant at RANDALL headquarters. With its modular product design and efficient development, RANDALL can offer a high-end quality product at a competitive market price. 

For quite a while now, concrete has been recognized as the preferred material for marina docks. Concrete docks provide mass for stability, rigidity for strength and durability. These factors really make concrete a viable option for a long-term solution in marine environments. RANDALL employs this and many other factors into the development of such structures and ensures that such projects are completed safely and in the most optimal manner possible.