About the Marine Sector

RANDALL has innovation in our DNA.

Our participation in any construction project ensures the highest quality of engineering, design and construction. We hire the right people with the right skills and the right mindset to provide the right solutions, every time. As a self-performing subcontractor with 14 diversified divisions, RANDALL does not shy away from any industry or sectors. We approach each unique design with the whole building in mind, driving Client satisfaction and award-winning projects.

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RANDALL Marine products are unique thanks to precast technology and environmental innovation.
Unique to other concrete dock manufactures, RANDALL builds all products at our NPCA certified manufacturing plant at our headquarters. With a modular product design, RANDALL can offer a premium quality product, at a market competitive price.

Concrete has long been recognized throughout the world as the preferred material for marina docks. Concrete docks provide mass for stability, rigidity for strength and durability, and is a long-term solution in a marine setting. All IMFS floats are manufactured of structurally reinforced concrete according to the engineered load requirements.

We strive for continuous improvement, constantly looking for ways to make our products better – more durable, stronger, more stable and entirely environmentally sound – while providing you the most competitive price. When compared to a similar priced dock that lasts an average of ten years, RANDALL’s dock system offers annual cost savings as a result of its low maintenance, repair requirements and long-lasting lifespan.